Are You Giving Jewelry For Christmas This Year?

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Have you decided that this is the year that you will be giving jewelry for Christmas? If so, you might already know exactly what you want to purchase for each of the people on your gift list. However, if you are a bit stumped, from selecting a charm bracelet for your teenage daughter to buying enameled tennis jewelry, here are some ideas that might help you as you shop for Christmas presents:

Start With A List - Even Santa Claus has a list, right? The great part about having a list is that you will be organized as you do your Christmas shopping. Think of categorizing your list, too. For example, you might have a list of gifts that need to be mailed out of town. Another list might include the names of people who will just get inexpensive token Thinking About You At Christmas gifts. Yet another list might include the names of those who will be very important, usually more expensive, gifts. When you do your shopping, keep your list with you and check names off the list as you complete each purchase.

Match The Jewelry To The Recipient - Think of the personality of each of the people on your list. For example, if you are shopping for a teenage daughter who loves music, consider starting a sterling silver charm bracelet for her. You could buy a silver music note for her first charm, or you could buy charms like a violin, a piano, and other musical instruments if you want to spend a bit more money. Do you have somebody on your list who loves to play tennis? Think about buying enameled tennis jewelry for that individual. For example, buy a silver chain that holds a tennis player with a white enameled tennis outfit on. Or, go with a charm bracelet that has things like an enameled tennis racket, a tennis ball, and enameled tennis shoes as part of the design. 

Don't forget the men on your Christmas list. They'll more than likely enjoy receiving jewelry, too. Consider things like leather bracelets that are embellished with wooden beads or even with sterling silver beads. And, key rings can sort of count as jewelry, too, right? Again, go with the personality of the guys for whom you are shopping. For example, a guy tennis player would probably get a big kick out of a key ring that holds an enameled tennis player on it.

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