Make Money At Your Weekly Community Market With An Outdoor Boutique

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Opening an outdoor boutique at your weekly community market can be a fun and interesting way to make some extra money for your household. It's a low risk business opportunity that can help increase your overall quality of life, and even enhance the lives of those you serve. A farmer's market or swap meet boutique is sure to be a hit among those who enjoy getting a good deal on goods while connecting with others within the community.

You'll need a pop-up canopy of at least 10 by 10 feet and a couple of tables to get started. The canopy will keep you cool under the sun and protected from the rain, and the tables can be used to display your products. Here's what to sell at your outdoor boutique for optimized financial success:

Fashion Jewelry

Men, women, and children tend to have interest in fashion jewelry for one reason or another. Men enjoy having the opportunity to buy something nice for their loved one without breaking the bank. Women enjoy adding to their jewelry collections without having to blow their budget on one expensive piece. And fashion jewelry is great for kids who are just learning how to take care of such accessories.

Because of this, fashion jewelry should be a predominant feature of your outdoor boutique. Dedicate one full table to jewelry displays and turn the table into the centerpiece of your boutique. You can find outlets in your community and online that will sell you discount earrings, necklaces, and rings to sell at your boutique.

By purchasing your earrings and other jewelry in bulk, you should be able to take advantage of steep discounts and mark each piece up to make at least a 50 percent profit. If you end up with more jewelry to sell than your table will hold, hang cork boards from your canopy to create jewelry walls and pin select pieces up for customers to peruse.

Used Clothing

Selling used clothing at your outdoor boutique will give community members an opportunity to clothe their families on a budget. But, you probably won't impress anyone by offering old clothes that your family no longer wants. You need to stock your boutique with quality used clothes that are stylish and in good shape if you expect to make some money. Scour the local garage sales, check out the community thrift stores, and raid the closets of friends and family members to find quality clothing to invest in.

Look for pieces that have no holes, rips, or faded spots, and that are no more than two or three dollars each. You should be able to sell your clothes for at least five dollars a piece, so choose your inventory accordingly. If you have to pay more than a couple bucks for a piece of clothing, you may not be able to make a profit on it unless it's a brand name or features exceptional quality.

Local Artwork

While you probably won't sell nearly as much local artwork as you will jewelry and clothing, there are many reasons to make sure that its featured at your outdoor boutique. First and foremost, it gives local artists an opportunity to connect with their community and make some money through their passion. Local artwork will also naturally decorate your boutique and give customers something interesting to check out while they shop. And if you have a few high priced items in your boutique, selling just one of them can greatly increase your overall profit margins for the week or month at hand. By offering to consign artwork for local artists, you should have access to many great pieces that are fitting for your boutique.

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