Suggestions That Will Help You Decide What To Do With Vintage Jewelry That You Have Inherited

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If your recently-deceased great aunt left you a jewelry box that is filled with vintage pieces that she wore throughout her lifetime and you are contemplating what to do with the inheritance, use the suggestions below to help you decide.

Have Pieces Appraised And Contact A Buyer

Do not make any hasty decisions concerning the jewelry before having pieces appraised. If you are contemplating unloading some of the jewelry, you will know the value of each piece so that you aren't shortchanged when it is time to make a sale. During an appraisal, each piece will be inspected for imperfections, clarity, and weight. After an appraisal, head back to your home and look through the jewelry pieces.

Remove pieces that you would like to keep and contact a vintage jewelry buyer to unload the remainder of the collection. A jewelry buyer, such as Patti Esbia Antique & Estate Jewelry, will provide you with a payment as soon as they choose the pieces that they would like to purchase. This will come in handy if you have a financial situation that needs to be handled and are strapped for cash. 

Care For Jewelry You Keep And Insure Valuable Pieces

The pieces of jewelry that you chose to keep should be stored in a jewelry box or bag. If you have selected necklaces from the collection and do not want them to become tangled, hang them from a metal holder that is designed to store jewelry before placing the holder in a case.

Any items that are valuable should be insured so that you will be reimbursed if your jewelry is ever stolen or damaged during a natural disaster. Valuable pieces should be stored in a separate jewelry box or bag than the one that other pieces are in. If you are concerned about someone taking the jewelry from your home, place the pieces in a safe or lock box. 

Give Jewelry To Relatives

If you would like to give close relatives some of the jewelry, do so during an informal gathering and inform each of the recipients about the history of each piece of jewelry. If your relatives were close to your great aunt, they will appreciate receiving a family heirloom that will help them remember her on a daily basis. The jewelry pieces can be passed on to future generations as the years pass by so that other family members can learn about your great aunt and keep her memory alive. 

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