Having A Ring Resized? Factors That Affect The Price You Are Quoted For This Service

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If your ring is too big or too small, you may be looking to have it resized. But when you attempt to call around for quotes, most jewelers or jewelry repair shops will tell you to bring the ring in because it is not the same price for every ring. This may leave you wondering what factors affect the price of having a ring resized. Here are a few of those factors. 

Whether You Are Sizing Up or Down

One of the factors that affects the price you are quoted for ring resizing is whether you are having a ring sized up or down and how many sizes in either direction you are going. Sizing a ring down is usually cheaper than sizing up a ring. Likewise, taking a ring up a half size will be much cheaper than taking it up two sizes. When you are looking to have a ring resized, one of the first things the jewelry repair specialist will do is determine the current size of the ring and the size of your finger. They then use this information to provide you with an estimate. 

The Material the Ring is Made From

Another factor that affects the price you are quoted for ring resizing is the material that the ring is made from. This comes into play for two different reasons. First, some metals are easier to work with than others. Metals like platinum are soft and take longer to work with than yellow gold that is harder. The other reason they type of metal the ring is made from comes into play is because the metal is used to extend the band and make a ring larger. The more expensive the metal, the more it will cost when sizing the ring up. 

How Intricate the Band Is

The last factor that can affect the price you are quoted for ring resizing is how intricate the band is. If you have a straight band on the backside of your ring, the repair will not be very affordable. But if your band has jewels in it, etching or detail in it, or has filigree designs to it, it will be more expensive to alter the size. This is because more work is required to line the patterns back up. 

When your ring does not fit your finger well, a jewelry repair company, such as C & L Gold & Diamond Brokers, can size a ring up or down so it is comfortable and wearable. However, don't expect the repair company to charge one flat fee. The process for resizing a ring varies based on the factors above and as such, the price fluctuates. 

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