Buying Engagement Jewelry: Should You Ask Her Opinion Or Not?

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The surprise element when you get down on one knee to ask someone to marry you is an almost indispensable part of the engagement tradition. Doing away with it almost seems to take away some of the magic away from the whole affair.

However, buying engagement jewelry is not a simple affair. There are many things to consider, the most significant of which is your partner's taste. Since directly asking her opinion on the matter probably ruins the surprise, you should come up with other creative ways to find out what they like.

Pay Attention When She's Talking About Jewelry

When a girl is talking about jewelry, she may just be talking about jewelry or she may be giving you hints about what her thoughts are on the matter. Either way, take the opportunity to subtly note down what her likes and dislikes are. Is she partial to a particular type of stone? What does she consider a good metal for the band? These hints can guide you to the right decision if you're keen.

Ask Her Friends and Family About It

Friends and family will likely know certain things about your girlfriend that you have no idea about. The family can even tell you about a longstanding tradition with regards to the engagement rings that you were not aware of.

Her girlfriends, with whom she's likely to have discussed the issue of engagement rings and marriage, can also be an excellent source of information. However, you should choose whom you ask carefully. If the secret slips, so will the surprise.

Check Her Current Collection

If your partner already has a collection of jewelry, you can also find out about some of her likes and dislikes based on what she already owns. If she already has a certain type of stone in her collection, it may not be as special to get her another of the same kind. You can also use this opportunity to accurately size her finger so you don't have to resize the engagement ring later.

Talk to an Expert

When all else fails, you can always ask an expert jeweler and maker of custom diamond engagement rings to help you. Experts who've been making and selling rings for years have extensive knowledge on what people like and dislike. Some can tell you the ideal ring for your girl based on certain characteristics you can provide.

Learn more about buying custom diamond engagement rings by contacting a company such as Everett.

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