Rhinestone It Up, Baby! How to Get a Lot of Bling on Everything

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In the eighties, putting rhinestones on everything was in. It was repeating a popular fad from the forties and fifties, when everyone wanted to be wearing diamonds but could only afford rhinestones. Now that trend has surfaced again (which is really not surprising, considering the sparkle of rhinestones). If you are ready to cover everything you wear in rhinestones (fake or real!), then here is how to go about it. 

Rhinestones on Your Glasses

For rhinestones on your glasses, your best bet is to use a product like Hotfix rhinestones. These are fake stones, but they have plenty of sparkle to them. It only takes a little heat to set them, and they can be applied to the temples and ear loops on your glasses. You can also use this type of faux rhinestone product to embellish jeans, t-shirts, skirts, boots, hats, and dresses. A lot of crafty jewelry makers use them to make handmade jewelry as well. 

You can get rhinestones like these from companies like ModeBeads.

Real Rhinestones on Clothes

If you want the real deal, jewelry making and craft stores sell real rhinestones that are sewed onto clothing via the cupped backings and small loops at the tops of the mounted stones. If you are handy with a needle and thread, you can sew these onto a pattern you trace onto an article of clothing, similar to sewing charms or buttons onto something. Be sure to use plenty of strong thread so that the rhinestones cannot come loose when you wash the garments. If you use real rhinestones on a cowboy hat or boots, you will need stronger needles to affix the stones and get through leather and starched canvas. 

Real or Fake Rhinestones Via the Stud-Punch Method

Do you know how clothing industries get rhinestones onto denim jackets? It is similar to the "bedazzler" toy for kids; the stones are mounted or affixed to backings that have sharp metal prongs. When these stones are stud-punched and pressed through cloth, the prongs bend inward and grip the cloth so that they cannot be removed. You can literally cover every square inch of a garment with real or fake rhinestones via the stud-punch method, but you have to be careful with how you place every stone. Once the stones are punched through and gripping the cloth from the other side, they are not likely to be removed quite so easily. You would need a tiny screwdriver to pry up each of the prongs to remove a single rhinestone stud. 

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