How To Care For A Sterling Silver Bridal Set

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If you're looking for a bridal set ring option that costs less than white gold but looks just as beautiful, consider sterling silver. When cared for properly, sterling silver has all the shine and luster of gold but is a bit more durable since it's a harder metal. 

Although traditional bridal sets feature diamonds, you can choose colorful gemstones or pearls or a mix of different types of precious stones, instead. A more budget-friendly option that will complement the sterling silver is realistic-looking cubic zirconias, which resemble sparkling diamonds. 

If you want to the set to have a cohesive design, you can purchase the engagement and wedding rings together. While the engagement band may feature a large center diamond, both of the bands may have a row of smaller stones, for example. If you choose to buy the rings separately, make sure they fit together smoothly for a streamlined look. 

When cleaning and caring for the rings, consider both the sterling silver bands and the type of stones are set into them. While the silver is easy to care for, the precious gems may require a bit more maintenance.

Here are some tips for caring for your sterling silver bridal set:

Daily Basis 

1. Each day before submerging your hands into water, such as while doing dishes or taking a shower, take the bridal set off to protect it from moisture damage. Hard water also contains minerals, which can build up on the rings over time and cause unsightly white deposits. 

It's also important to remove the bands when doing any kind of strenuous labor, such as mowing the lawn or woodwork, as the repetitive movements can scratch or bend the silver or snag one of the gemstones prongs. If the prongs become loose, you'll be at risk of losing the stones. 

Try to apply hand and body lotion prior to putting the rings on, as the chemicals the moisturizers contain may strip the silver's coating, making the metal dull and lusterless. Store the sterling silver rings in an airtight location, such as a zip-lock bag, to prevent tarnishing. 

2. Weekly or Monthly Basis 

Depending on how often you wear the bridal set, polish the rings using a cloth specifically designed for use on sterling silver. If the bands contain diamonds or cubic zirconias, you can clean the stones using a soft-bristled toothbrush dipped in a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap. Pat dry with clean, soft cloth.

 Once or twice a year, it's recommended that you take the set to a jeweler to have it professionally cleaned and inspected. Reach out to a jeweler to learn more about bridal set jewelry.

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