Are You About To Pop The Big Question To Your Sweetheart?

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Have you already spoken to your sweetheart's father and asked for his daughter's hand in marriage? If so, anything that follows will probably seem super easy to you, won't it? Or, maybe your future father-in-law has already given strong hints that you would be welcomed as a new member of the family. Whatever the case, you are probably excited about the next step, the actual proposal of marriage. Here are some ways you can approach getting a wedding ring for your future spouse:

Make The Ring A Surprise — Your fiancé probably has a very good idea that you will be asking her to marry you, but she might not know exactly when that will happen. Do you already know what kind of wedding rings your fiancé would like? Maybe you've been window shopping at wedding ring stores and she has shown you rings she loves. If so, do you already know her ring size? If you don't, her mother or other relatives can probably help you with that important detail. 

Of course, the amount of money you can spend will help to determine what kind of wedding rings you'll select. For example, if you are on a bit of a tight budget, you might select a solitaire with one small diamond in the middle and tiny ones surrounding it. The cluster will give the illusion of a larger diamond setting.

Or your fiancé might have told you that what she would really like is just a simple gold band that she can wear with beautiful rings she already owns. If that's the case, think of having the inside of the ring engraved with words like Yours for eternity or My own true love. One good thing about selecting a gold band is that later on, when you have more money, you can give your sweetheart a diamond ring to go with it. That might happen on your first anniversary or on your fiftieth anniversary. No matter the year, the gold band will more than likely still be her favorite piece of jewelry. 

Shop For Wedding Rings Together — Perhaps your fiancé has strongly hinted that she would love to be with you to select wedding rings together. If that's the case, don't be shy or embarrassed about telling her how much is in your budget to buy the rings. After all, honestly will be one of the most important parts of your marriage, right?

The sales person at the wedding ring store will be happy to help you to select the rings. If you are looking for an exquisite diamond, the salesperson will have the training and the experience to show you near-perfect stones. In fact, you can probably design the ring yourself. 

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