Buying An Engagement Ring: How To Narrow Down Your Options

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When buying an engagement ring for someone you wish to marry, you may feel like you have way too many options to consider. From sterling silver to white gold for metals alone, you can feel like you have too much to think about when picking the one right ring for your one right love. You need to narrow down your options before you even look at engagement rings so you don't get overwhelmed by the process in the first place. Here are ways you can do just that.

Pick a metal

Choosing between white gold, yellow gold, sterling silver, or any other type of metal will be determined largely by your budget and what your beloved wants. You can simply ask them what type of jewelry they like, or you can compare the costs of certain metals to others to see what fits within your budget. If you want a custom engagement ring, you can mix multiple metals together to create a beautiful piece that your intended will be sure to love.

Pick a stone

Is your beloved a modern or contemporary person who would prefer a birthstone, natural stone, or other gem instead of a classic diamond? Then you should be able to really narrow down your options. While the classic clear diamond may be the more popular engagement ring option, you can also choose between chocolate diamonds and other types of stones. Choose whether you want a classic stone for a main setting piece or if you have other ideas about what you'd like to give as an engagement ring. Write down the stones you like and compare them against one another based on availability and price.

Pick a setting

Perhaps the most challenging thing to consider is this: the setting for the engagement ring you think your loved one will like. When you have doubts, it may be in your best interest to go with a classic solitaire, which can be an excellent choice. However, a custom engagement ring often begins with the setting, so it's OK to think outside the box to help you get the right ring for your needs.

Whether you want a basic engagement ring for your intended or you want something more custom in design, you should write down the things you want in an engagement ring. This makes it much easier to pick out a ring when you go to the jeweler to make your selection.

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