You Can Repair Family Jewelry With Estate Jewelry Repair Services

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With time, it's normal for some jewelry to need repairs. You may have a ring that has been passed down for generations or another piece of jewelry that has special meaning to you that you want to wear, but you may be wondering what to do about the damage. Many jewelry stores offer antique jewelry restoration and estate jewelry repair services. This is a way to get any piece of jewelry in better condition so that you can display it or wear it proudly.

What Is Estate Jewelry Repair?

If you have antique or vintage jewelry pieces that are showing signs of damage or need of repair, a jewelry shop can help. Estate jewelry repair services are extensive, and a professional can do wonder to restore or repair a piece of jewelry. What type of work can be done? A lot! Some examples of work that can be done include replacing stones, rebuilding crushed jewelry, rebuilding prongs and settings, and polishing and recutting worn gems. 

Can All jewelry Be Repaired?

Most jewelry can be repaired. While the jeweler may need to get creative with some of the repairs or restoration, they can usually work wonders on most pieces of jewelry. While it may never look exactly as it once did, a good jeweler will be able to get it very close, and you'll feel proud wearing your special pieces of jewelry. 

How Should I Choose a Jeweler to Handle My Estate Jewelry Repair Needs? 

If you plan to get your estate jewelry repaired, you want to choose the right company to do it. For starters, choose a reliable and reputable jewelry store so that you can feel confident dropping your jewelry off for repair work. You should also make sure that the jeweler will be handling the repairs in-house so that it's not sent elsewhere or going to another jeweler for work. You should also work with a jeweler who is able to give you a firm price on the estimated work. Finally, make sure that you take a look at examples of other work that a jeweler has done when restoring or repairing pieces of antique jewelry. 

No matter what condition your antique piece of jewelry or family heirloom is in, it's worthwhile to take it to a jewelry store that handles estate jewelry repair services. A jeweler can help you understand what options exist and the kind of results they will be able to get. 

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