5 Tips For Building Your Own Vintage Jewelry Collection

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A vintage jewelry collection is a great way to enjoy your passion for art or jewelry and earn a potential profit at the same time. But how should you build your vintage collection? Here are a few tips you can start putting into practice today. 

1. Learn About the Market. Like any collectible art form, the jewelry market has its own unique features. Start by learning how it works and what to look for (or avoid). For instance, you may want to learn how to handle both signed and unsigned jewelry pieces and what the major brands and creators' signatures look like. This will help you make good purchases and avoid trouble. 

2. Plan to Wear Your Collection. Jewelry is unique from many other forms of art in that it's designed to be worn. If you plan to collect jewelry, look for items that can be worn and that you will choose to wear at times. Not only will this help you enjoy even the items that may not rise in value the way you want, but it also increases selling and trading opportunities. 

3. Personalize Your Purchases. While you do want to buy jewelry that has a likelihood of increasing in value, don't use that as your only decision-making factor. Choose items that you personally enjoy and that stay true to your own style. This has a practical purpose in that it helps you wear your collection, but it also gives a focus to how you buy and sell items. 

4. Choose Timeless Pieces. The best way to ensure solid growth in the value of vintage jewelry is to look for pieces that have a timeless element. This could be a perennially popular gem, such as diamond, or styles that tend to be universal (like Art Deco). You can also find long-lasting value in jewelry from established and reputable brands and artists. 

5. Mix and Match. Modern jewelry collectors like to use their pieces in more interesting or eclectic ways. Don't be afraid to mix and match items, like using pendants on a charm bracelet or a fob watch as a pendant. As a new collector or one on a budget, you'll have more fun and increase your range by adding and using pieces that others may have passed over. 

Want to learn more about starting or growing your own collection of vintage jewelry? Start by meeting with a jeweler in your area who specializes in this field. With their expertise and your own personal sense of style, you will create something unique and beautiful. 

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