Diamond Earrings Buying Guide

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If you're shopping for earrings to give to your loved one or add to your earring collection, diamond earrings are an excellent choice. Diamond is among the hardest stone in the world and is highly valuable. However, finding the perfect diamond earrings for sale may not always be easy. Fortunately, here's a useful diamond earring buying guide.

Create a Budget

Creating a budget is essential as it will help you select affordable diamond earrings for sale. Note that the cost of a diamond earring varies due to factors such as the carat weight and vendor choice. For example, heavier diamond earrings are more costly than lightweight ones. Also, each vendor offers special prices. In this regard, compare the rates of several jewelers to get an affordable option.

Determine the Diamond Earring Design You Want

The market offers various diamond earring types, and each has unique characteristics and costs. The common diamond earring designs include:

  • Hoops. Hoop diamond earrings usually consist of a circular metal setting that carries the diamonds. However, you may find some oval or semi-circular hoops.

  • Studs. These are small earrings with a prong that holds the diamond. Studs also come in different designs and sizes.

  • Drop earrings. Drop diamond earrings hang slightly below the earlobe and come as a solid piece with limited movement.

  • Dangle earrings. A dangle earring hangs from the earlobe and can take any length.

Understanding the available diamond earring designs can help you select the perfect earring set.

Consider the Earring's Closing Mechanism

Diamond earrings can be costly, and you want to ensure that the earrings hold securely to your ear. Without a proper closing mechanism, your earring may fall off, leading to significant financial loss. Hence, here are some closing mechanisms to consider:

  • Latch back or hinged snapback. The earring back contains a curved metal where the earring snaps into to hold the earring securely.

  • French wire. Also called the fishhook. The wire enters a pierced earlobe and prevents the earring from falling off.

  • Pushback. A push-on clip slides into the earring's back part to secure it.

  • Screw backs. They work like pushbacks, but the earring's back part has a screw-like edge. Hence, you have to screw in the push-on clip.

The closing mechanisms are many, but you should consider choosing screw backs as they're most secure.

This diamond earrings buying guide recommends that you create a budget, identify the diamond earring you want, and consider the earring's closing mechanism. Follow this guide to purchase the perfect diamond earring.

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