Celebrate A Nurse With A Piece Of Custom Jewelry

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If you have a loved one who is a nurse, one way that you can show your gratitude for the important role that this person plays in the health of your community is by giving them a piece of custom jewelry. This gift can be appropriate for someone who has recently received their nursing training and has found their first job, as well as for someone who is celebrating a milestone such as 10 years as a nurse. Think about what type of jewelry you believe the person would enjoy and then discuss some ideas with a custom jeweler in your area. Here are some options that can work well.


Few pieces of medical equipment are as synonymous with nursing as the stethoscope, which nurses commonly wear around their necks during their shifts. This unique-looking device gives you all sorts of options for a piece of custom jewelry. For example, you might have your jeweler produce a necklace pendant that is shaped like a stethoscope, and perhaps features the initials of your loved one on the diaphragm. Or, you might even think about a stethoscope-themed bracelet or ring that will look as though a small, metal stethoscope is wrapped around the person's wrist or finger.


If you know that the nurse in your life will appreciate something simple, a piece of custom jewelry that features their initials and "RN" will show their status as a registered nurse. For example, if the nurse's name is Vanessa Lopez, the initials would read "VLRN," which could be stylized in a number of different ways. One option could be "VL | RN."  All sorts of jewelry options can feature these initials, including necklace pendants, rings, bracelet charms, and more. You might even want to order custom earrings, one of which could feature the person's initials with the other reading "RN."

Nursing Quote

If you speak with the nurse about their passion for nursing, they may share a favorite quote about this profession. You can keep this quote in mind and provide it to your custom jeweler to create a piece that showcases these words. It could be a simple pendant with the quote appearing in small letters, or it might be a bracelet in which the quote is engraved along the length of the bracelet's exterior or interior. If you like the quote idea but aren't aware that the nurse has a favorite quote, looking for a good one online can also work.

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