3 Engagement Ring Trends For The Modern Bride

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Jewelry styles and trends tend to change and evolve over time. An engagement ring is the one piece of jewelry that a woman will wear everyday, so you want to be sure that the ring you use to pop the question is a reflection of your bride's taste and style.

Here are three hot, new engagement ring trends that your modern bride is sure to appreciate.

1. Double-Stone Design

One of the hottest trends in engagement ring design is the use of two stones in a ring's setting. The use of two stones is a symbol of the uniting of two individuals through marriage.

Diamonds are the traditional gem found in engagement rings, but the double-stone design allows a modern bride to personalize her ring. Many double-stone rings feature a diamond paired with another precious or semi-precious stone.

Often referred to as Toi et Moi within the jewelry industry, engagement rings with two stones allow each stone to enhance the beauty of the other.

2. Gender-Neutral Design

A woman's engagement ring is often thought of as dainty and delicate. While there are women who appreciate a more feminine ring, gender-neutral designs are becoming more and more popular with modern brides.

A gender-neutral ring tends to be more bold and chunky than a traditional engagement ring. The use of metal, inlaid stones, and decorative metalwork are all design features more commonly associated with rings meant for male consumers.

A gender-neutral engagement ring will embody these masculine features in a way that still allows modern brides to be stunned by the ring's design.

3. Surprise Details

Simple engagement rings have fallen out of favor with modern brides. Today's women tend to gravitate more toward rings that have some surprise details which add to the overall interest of the piece.

Some of the more common types of surprise details jewelry designers are incorporating into their engagement rings include hidden halos and accented galleries.

By incorporating stones into these unique locations, the bling factor of an engagement ring can be enhanced while keeping the price as low as possible.

Surprise details can also be found in the metal setting of an engagement ring. A ring that features filigree or milgrain will provide your bride-to-be with a unique and beautiful engagement ring.

An understanding of modern trends in jewelry will allow you to select the engagement ring that best reflects the unique love you share with your partner.

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