Helpful Tips To Finding The Right Size — Diamond Engagement Rings

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You've met the love of your life and have decided to propose. You've planned the entire proposal and have practiced exactly what you will say. You've wondered what your love's reaction would be during and after the proposal.

But what if the diamond engagement ring doesn't fit? The last thing you want to do on the special day is to disappoint your special love because they can't wear the engagement ring or worse — the diamond engagement ring falls off and gets lost.

Here are a few ideas to help you determine what ring size to get. 

Ask People Closest to Them

Ask the people who are closest to your love if they know what ring size he or she wears. This would be the easiest way to find out what ring size to get the engagement ring in, but you'll need to be careful when asking so the surprise doesn't get inadvertently spoiled. Be sure you're asking people you trust who will keep your proposal a secret not just from your love but from everyone. Perhaps their parents, siblings, or best friends will know their ring size.

Secretly Measure a Ring They Wear

If your love regularly wears a ring, try to secretly measure the ring. If they are in the habit of removing the ring at certain times, try to sneak over to the ring and quickly trace the inside of the ring onto a piece of paper. If you can't do it yourself, ask a roommate or friend to do it for you. 

Compare Their Hands to Others

This is the only time it's acceptable to compare your love to others. Take a close look at her ring finger and the size of the large knuckle of that finger. Nonchalantly look at the hands and fingers of others in your family, circle of friends, and coworkers to see if someone appears to have a similar size. If you find someone who has hands and fingers that are similar, ask them what size rings they wear. Of course, only ask if you are comfortable that they will keep your secret. 

In conclusion, when in doubt it's better to get a ring bigger than it is to get a smaller ring. Larger rings are easier to resize than smaller rings. However, since you're purchasing a diamond engagement ring, you'll want to protect the ring from falling off and getting lost until you can get it resized through the jeweler. 

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