Features To Consider When Choosing A Diamond Necklace

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Diamond necklaces have withstood the test of time, and many people's jewelry collections contain at least one diamond necklace. These necklaces come in many different styles, however, and most necklaces are unique. If you're buying a diamond necklace, consider how these features could make your necklace extra special to you.

Type of Stone

The centerpiece of any diamond necklace is, of course, the diamond itself. While you can get a diamond that's fairly standard, round, and sparkly, you also can personalize the stone to a great deal. Make your necklace's stone unique by choosing a:

  • colored diamond
  • round, oval, or princess cut
  • large or small diamond

What combination of these is right for you depends on your preferences. You're bound to like a few of the combinations if you play around with these traits.

Accent Stones

The diamonds in rings and bracelets are sometimes complemented by smaller stones that serve as accents. This is less commonly done in necklaces, partly because necklace chains usually don't have stones in them, but some necklaces have smaller accent stones.

Accent stones can showcase the central diamond so that it looks better than it would on its own. The smaller accent stones add sparkle, and you can also choose gemstones that have different colors. For example, you might have a few sapphires as accents to give your necklace some blue.

Chain Length

The length of your necklace's chain determines how high or low it sits on you. 

Chokers have the shortest chains and go around the neck only. Getting a diamond choker necklace will ensure that the diamond is visible with most shirts, including crew-cut T-shirts. High-collar dress shirts and turtle necks are some of the only shirts that might cover the diamond.

Medium-length chains will have the diamond sit on your chest, slightly below the base of your neck. This is a practical length, as it's not so long that the necklace dangles a lot when you bend over. The chain is long enough to let the necklace dangle some, though, and you don't have a chain directly against the front of your neck.

Long chains will leave the diamond low on your chest, possibly below the neckline of any shirts that aren't deep V-necks or scoop necks. You might choose a long chain to draw attention to yourself or so that you can showcase the chain as well as the diamond. A long chain will also truly dangle when you move, having a fluid motion as it shifts around.

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